Chain of Websites, Chain of Information

The internet is not just a source of information, it has also become a platform for amazing online businesses. Websites, themselves, have become great channels to earn income. However, the only way to make them as profitable as possible is to ensure that there is a considerable level of traffic and significant amount of interested customers. More visits, subscribers, referrals, leads, and even feedback are indeed what most website owners are aiming for.

Referral links in similar but non-competing sites have shown to be a powerful marketing tool. These links create positive traffic jams in any website. Visitors are attracted to stop by and explore a website with several of these referral links. Some visits to sites may be unintentional but can lead the surfer to what he is looking for in the first place.

Recent studies have shown that around 50% of internet surfers have gone to a particular website first time through a referral link. Meaning, without these links, some websites may not have been discovered by people.

What would be even more interesting is when these visitors brought in by referral links turn out to be customers. This process is termed as conversion. Obviously, these types of visits do not only cause website traffic, they also bring in more business for the owner, especially if the website owner?s business is primarily dealing with selling a particular product or service. Moreover, if these customers happen to be satisfied with the product or service, further visits and business transactions may be expected in the future. The relationship becomes more long-term and there is a potential for buzz marketing. Therefore, it is possible that even without additional effort from the owner, word-of-mouth will do the rest of marketing.

With all these endless possibilities, when utilizing these referral marketing tools, website owners must keep in mind that attractiveness of the contents and look of the site is extremely important. Otherwise, if visitors find it boring, it will be very easy for them to just pass by and immediately go to another, without the potential of them going back. Eye-catching graphics and bits of information will surely help a lot. Some even include interesting music to hold the visitors? attention.

Moreover, others resort to soliciting agreement to receiving further information in the future and updates on offers. This kind of approach takes the chance of making a customer out of the visitor in the future, especially when the current referral effect is a mere visit to the website.

Of course, website owners should also keep in mind that they need to make their targeting of visitors as focused as possible. Knowledge of existing market is what should be sought in the first place. It is true that there can be customers by accident. However, it will still save more time and effort if there is background information studied at the beginning.

The internet is indeed a bridge between the information seekers and providers. However, if the information is not conveyed properly and strategically, it may not find its way to the seeker at the right time. Such benefits of technology will only be maximized when there is careful planning as well as enough knowledge of the target audience. Good thing that technology has also provided the many tools that make this task possible.

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Carving Out Exclusivity: How Niche Marketing Can Drive Traffic to A Website

Internet marketing is probably the most modern, and yet the most challenging way to carry out advertising. On the Internet, everyone can be somebody, and every somebody can be nobody. With the preponderance of blogs nowadays, it can be hard to imagine anyone who hasn?t tried blogging and expressing themselves online yet. And with the preponderance of forums and online groups, it can be hard to tell who?s who, who?s your friend or who?s just pretending, and who?s just a poser versus someone who?s a genuine fan.

Internet marketing, however, can work toward all these challenges, and can go beyond ordinary text and graphics, into the realm of clever and clean. For instance, the fact that everyone blogs is an advantage for Internet marketers: if a URL or a business is exposed with enough ubiquity, and if a single person is passionate enough about a brand, a product, a service, or a mere website, then that person can blog about that brand, product, service, or website, and can spread the word quickly. A customer, therefore, has become the instant spokesperson for the company!

In groups and forums, word on a brand, product, service, or website can spread fairly quickly. If a person posts about it, then the news about a person?s satisfaction can get out at once. However, this also works on the negative side: if a person?s dissatisfaction gets out onto email, forums, or groups, then many other people will tend to follow this person?s views and may avoid a brand, product, service, or website altogether. Work a forum, group, or blogger to your advantage, and you can carry out Internet marketing wonderfully well.

An efficient way to do this is to practice niche marketing. Niche marketing is simply marketing to a select slice of the market by providing it with the things that it wants and needs. This narrow kind of marketing can be difficult to carry out without prior knowledge of a market?s behavior and needs: thus, the requirement of carrying out a marketing plan, and a wide market study, which will investigate the wants, needs, whims, desires, dislikes, and quirks of your target market.

An example of a niche market would be science-fiction fanatics. Such a market would have people of different ages, but often with a single goal: spend a lot of money to feed a fan?s fantasies. This means that science-fiction fanatics tend to spend a lot on something that means a lot to their fandom. These fanatics also tend to cluster with each other in groups that have homogeneous tastes. If you can tap into these groups, if you know what kind of things they like or dislike, then you can spread the word on your brand, product, service, or website even more quickly.

Another niche market would be teenagers. This time, the age range is narrower, but there are certain trends that are more prevalent in this market group. For instance, makeup, fashionable clothes, and gadgets appeal to teenagers. There are many things that don?t, such as highfalutin books, real estate, or car insurance, which is often left up to parents. If you know how teenagers behave and what they like, you can tap into this largely web savvy market and get word out quickly on your products.

These are only a few niche markets that you can look at, and these are only a few tips that you might want to take into account. Niche marketing is not simple, but with practice and a good deal of work and effort, you can make things happen.

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Buzz Marketing Guys: Word-of-Mouth Advocates for Websites

In any business venture, the amount of customers is what always keeps the business alive. No matter how good the product maybe if it is not attracting a significant amount of patrons, then it is tantamount to being unsuccessful. True, whatever the industry maybe, strength of marketing is key to making the business last long-term.

Any marketing strategy may not target the entire audience at once. In fact, it is probably impossible to reach all potential customers directly. Instead, what has been proven to be a very powerful tool more than anything is word-of-mouth, now popularly termed as buzz marketing. Not only does it save the business owner time, effort, and monetary investment as it usually happens spontaneously, it is undoubtedly the most credible compared to the rest. Several researches show that information communicated via buzz marketing is more likely to be believed as an honest one over those other promotional methods which are conventional and formal.

This is mainly the reason why, in this technology-driven world, such concept on buzz marketing is being employed by website owners to increase traffic to their sites. What really is important is to generate as much attention and interest as possible from a variety of audiences located anywhere in the world. In line with the credibility factor that buzz marketing brings, several website owners resort to hiring people who are only tasked to create online buzz about the site.

So how does these buzz marketing guys go about with their jobs? Basically, their main goal is to penetrate into the web social network and spread the information there. There are various sites that are commonly visited for social purposes and these are often what buzz marketing guys frequently visit. Examples are various chat rooms, Friendster, blogs, community forums, employment search websites, online stores, and many others.

For instance, buzz marketing guys would go around several forums starting threads about topics that may directly or indirectly link to the website. Some guys explicitly write down the site as a recommendation for others to visit while citing briefly his personal experience of going through it. Others prefer more subtle and implicit methods and begin the thread by making a controversy or curiosity out of the website. For example, some would quote certain parts of the website and ask others what they think about it, sounding like it is a mere inquiry on his part. Others may write down interesting statements such as a commentary on a certain website, drawing the rest to the site to actually see where the commentary is coming from. Through the years, this kind of strategy has been effective since, nowadays, the World Wide Web is undoubtedly becoming a primary refuge for those seeking to have any social involvement or participation.

Other buzz marketing guys prefer to exert efforts on a targeted basis. One way is to read certain blogs that may have any relation to the promoted website, and post comments urging the blog owner to actually visit the website. If the blog owner becomes satisfied with what he has seen in the website, more often than not, he will write down a relevant post and the chain of buzz goes on and on.

There are still many other ways of creating buzz over the internet and, therefore, increasing traffic. Whatever the methods maybe, these buzz marketing guys remain focused on their goal of reaching more and more people by tapping into their curiosity and giving them satisfaction so that in effect, they will voluntary, and perhaps unconsciously, help in the task of marketing to others. No doubt, this basic principle of buzz marketing is still very much relevant in this technology-driven world.

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Bull’s Eye! 5 Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to a Website

There’s traffic and then there’s targeted traffic. So what’s in a name? Plenty, especially if you’re concerned about ensuring that your efforts at attracting the right visitors to your site are not put to waste. Although this might not matter to a website that promotes a general appeal, it means a lot to websites run by internet marketers and business owners. Stop wasting your efforts right now and begin driving targeted traffic to your website. Here are ways how:

Determine your ideal traffic.

Demographics matter. If you’re promoting content for twenty-something yuppies, for example, you might waste time trying to market to work-at-home moms. Decide on which group of site visitors will appreciate what your site has to offer.

Know what you want your visitors to do. Do you want them to join your site as members, vote for your site, buy your products? If you know who they are and what you expect of them, you’ll find it easier to persuade them.

Decide on the method of traffic generation you want to use.

When it comes to driving targeted traffic to a website, you have two choices of methods ? online generation or offline generation. Online traffic generation refers to the techniques you use for attracting traffic using the internet. This can include e-mail campaigns, banner ads, click-through ads, text links, SEO, article writing, etc.

Offline traffic generation is the type of method that involves the use of traditional activities and materials. This can include classified ads, sticker ads, billboards, flyers, brochures, use of business cards, use of traditional media such as TV and radio, fairs and exhibitions.

Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on what the nature of your website is, how much you’re willing to spend and what you’re willing to do. Which one you use will also depend on who your targeted traffic is.

Design an unquestionable ad campaign.

By ‘unquestionable’, we mean something that presents your recipients a clear idea of what the campaign is about, why they are being targeted and why they will like what you have to offer.

Leave no room for doubt when you’re promoting something. Don?t lead your readers on just to find out at the end of your ad or e-mail that it was meant for somebody else. Don?t waste their time and yours on this useless endeavor.

Allow your website to get bookmarked.

Encourage your visitors to give you a hand by placing a bookmark button on each article that you post on your website. If they like what you’ve written, they can give it a vote. A good number of votes can send your web page to a popular bookmarking site, where it will be easier for your target audience to find you.

Use specialty groups.

Search for news groups and forums that cater to a specific group of individuals, particularly those whose interests are related to the main subject of your website. If your website is about organic farming, for example, you won’t find your targeted traffic in a site catering to gamers and UFO enthusiasts. Look for categories that are related to your site.

Use websites and membership sites that allow you to participate in a discussion and offer advice, while at the same time promoting a link back to your website. You can be sure that whoever clicks on your links will be highly targeted traffic and not just some guy who happened to find your site by accident.

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Building Links To Increase Traffic to Your Site

Link building is a very good method to increase traffic to your website. In fact, link popularity means so much to webmasters, internet entrepreneurs, and website owners. Link building can bring massive traffic and regular visitors to any site. And everybody knows that regular visitors are the main sales and income generators of sites. Indeed, building links is the second step to building a new website.

Here are the ways you can build links to generate the traffic that you need:

1. Agree to a link exchange deal with another website that has substantial internet traffic.

If you look hard enough, you’ll find several websites that are more than willing to exchange links with your in exchange for similar advertising spots. These are done so that the number of guests is maximized for each site. It’s preferable to make deals with websites that have high page rank. If you do this, the website’s popularity is going to brush off your website somehow.

2. Maximize the use of web directories.

For those who don’t know it yet, web directories are the websites containing links of different sites that are usually classified according to its designated categories. There are many web directories in the internet today. To know where you can send your web directories, just find them using search engine. Search for such sites and build the popularity of your link by making use of their services.

3. Compose good articles and distribute them to article directories.

If there are web directories around, there are article directories too. And webmasters who don’t have time to write their own content are settling for pre-written content available over the internet. And since they can’t merely copy what’s on another’s website, they have to go to article directories and use the articles contained therein. As per the article directory agreement, they have to publish the whole thing to their website, including your name as the author and the link to your site if you have included it. The more people publish your articles to their site, the more link backs you get. And more link backs means more traffic for you.

4. Use the powers of a blog site and its RSS feeding ability.

Blog sites are very popular these days. There, you can publish content, share your stories, and even put up your personal views about almost everything you feel like talking about. But more importantly, blog sites are places where people can interact with each other through adding comments and replies to the items appearing the site. People like blog sites because it can be updated regularly. And it could a good tool to build your link because you can gain subscribers from it or send regular emails to them.

5. Utilize forums.

Needless to say, there are lots of forums over the internet today. There are forums that are very well populated. Search for them and be an active member. Forums provide their members a space for signatures. You can put the link of your website there. So every time you write a post or create a new thread, your link would appear, giving you better search engine popularity and of course, more visitors.

6. Add downloadable content to your site.

It is very hard to find sites that assure people of a totally clean and virus free downloads. If your website have several things to share to your audience, you could very well put it up to your site. People would definitely go back to your site if they have proven that all downloads you offer are not only clean but very useful too.

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Brick-and-Mortar Marketing: Networking With People at Speaking Events

Internet marketing has become extensively popular with marketers. This is because Internet marketing has become a versatile tool: you can speak with more people all over the world and get your message across to them relatively quickly. You can have your pick of different media online so that you can better tailor your message to fit the needs and desires of as many people as possible. You can post advertisements through plain text, banner ads, animation, video, and sound. There are many ways to reach out to people and you can choose games, short stories, poetry, or images.

Indeed, Internet marketing has been so popular, people have often forgotten that the main audience of the Internet is still people. This means that every kind of Internet marketing must have a social aspect to it. true, you can reach out to people by writing content that touches hearts, have banner ads that feature heartwarming images, animation that is fun and humorous, videos that are of high quality and featuring people that have a lot in common with your customers, and sound bytes that can help your customers get closer to you. However, there is nothing like real brick-and-mortar networking, and nothing like meeting people face to face in order to establish connections.

How might you benefit from real social networking, when there are wider networks online, such as FaceBook and MySpace? First of all, you are not sure about the identities of members of social networks. True, a social network can be a great place to generate viral marketing, but you will eventually have to meet with people in order to put up your business. Second, people will still want to meet you in order to gauge if you are to be trusted, so why wait? Start looking for a place to meet people that you might be interested in working with, or he might be interested in your products and services. The best place for you to start is at a convention or at a speaking event, where people who are interested in the same thing congregate and have a good number of meals together.

When at a convention or a speaking event, be gregarious but not overbearing. Shake people?s hands firmly, introduce yourself in a clear voice, and be polite. Do not interrupt conversations, and do not claim to know everything or put on airs; at the same time, do not be too humble or quiet. Walk around, know people, and ask questions: this way, you will know more about people and see how well you can convince them to either join your prospective company or visit your website. If you are in a circle of people, try to draw quiet people into a conversation.

Always have your business cards handy, and bring at least twice the number you need when you go to a convention. On your business card, have your name printed out, along with one contact number, a professional contact email, and the URL of your website. Present your business card midway through a conversation, when you have successfully introduced yourself and made known your career or what exactly it is you do. By presenting your business card immediately, you may appear to be presumptuous, so establish your reputation first. First impressions count for a good deal, so be gentle but fierce, and be friendly and open to people.

These are only a few tips that you may want to follow when doing brick-and-mortar social networking. If you are able to meet up with people and be the best person face-to-face, you can be easily trusted online.

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Blog Marketing: The Tool to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Blogs have been the most preferred type of websites today. And much of that is because blogs are very easy to maintain and are very simple to use. In fact, you don’t need any technical knowledge about computers or anything else to keep a blog site. No programming skills necessary either. For as long as you know how to surf the net, you can keep a blog site.

Blog marketing is the act of using a blog to promote your product, service, or another website. And because blogs are very popular these days, you can create a network of other blogs and try to use them to your advantage as well.

Blogs are easy to update. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can add, delete, or edit an entry or a post. If you are using static web pages, like those HTML sites coming off Microsoft FrontPage, you’d need to go through the pains of updating your site by downloading the page you’d like to change, then use your choice of HTML editing program, and the upload it again using FTP or other file transferring software. It’s a job that requires multiple complex steps. Blogging is different. All you really need is a browser, click through your site, and post an update in the same way that you put up a response on a forum or a message board. It’s really that simple.

But blogs are popular because they can be syndicated. This means that interested subscribers can receive updates about your service, products, or site through email notification or a compatible reader. This is actually what makes blogs a good way to generate traffic to your site, and in a fast and easy manner at that. With tons of subscribers that receive updates about the things you are promoting on a regular basis, you would definitely have more visitors than you could have ever expected. All past and previous subscribers count, for as long as they have not opted out of the message list.

The best thing about blogs is that they are dynamic. That means it is easy to interact with the owner of the blog site, its subscribers, and other people through it. Blogs are created in such a way users can post their comments for a certain entry. And you can also use this feature to generate more visitors to your site. If you make yourself visible and active with other members of a popular blog site, you can slowly introduce your own products to them. Just be sure that you don’t go out of the way and overshadow the real owner of the blog. It is quite easy to ban you.

Blogs are very powerful tools to gain massive traffic, if used correctly. Blogs are versatile websites. They can accommodate lots of things through the sidebars using widgets. Nowadays, it is quite easy to make a blog look as exciting and as flashy as a real website. And that alone should be enough to entice multitudes of internet users to check out what you’ve got to offer.

For as long as you maintain and update your blog religiously, you should be on the right track. Blog marketing is another effective way to make people come and visit you on a regular basis.

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Better Than Radio: How iPod Casting Can Increase Traffic to Your Site

Thanks to the iPod, the way we listen and store music and audio files has significantly evolved. No longer is the iPod just a thing of beauty and desire ? it has also become a must-have tool for internet marketers and website owners. Thanks to its flexible functionality, the iPod has given birth to podcasting, a method that has made use of the thing that made radio great and turned itself into an internet darling. These days, iPod casting is a common practice, bringing more exposure to web personalities and driving more traffic to websites.

What is iPod casting?

The more generic term is podcasting but the science behind it is one and the same. iPod casting is a means to produce digital media files and publish them in the internet. These files may be played using computers or portable media players. Frequently, iPod casters prefer to syndicate their posts, since this type of content often contains unique topics, subjects and takes by different people.

Uses of iPod casting

In terms of use, iPod casting has plenty up its sleeve. It’s incredibly flexible and easy to learn. It can be used in a wide range of industries, so it’s virtually impossible for you not to find an audience. The market is there and you simply have to be ready in order to take advantage of it.

There are also variants of iPod casting that are steadily gaining popularity ? the audioblog and the autocast. Audioblogging, like its name suggests, is blogging with the use of an iPod. Essentially, it uses audio to post blogs, with entries presented as audio files indexed chronologically.

Autocasting, on the other hand, is using RSS feeds of text blog entries to produce an audio version. Software is used for this purpose in order to automatically convert a blog into an autocast. It can then be downloaded and played using a computer or synchronized using a portable media device.

Why it’s different

iPod casting is similar to traditional radio with one glaring difference: you can choose which audio files you want to listen to and stick to them. With radio, you will have to listen to other stuff that you’re really not interested in.

So if your interests focus on internet marketing, those are the types of iPod casts you’ll receive. You don?t have to bear iPod casts of topics in entertainment, fishing or car detailing.

Using iPod casting to send traffic to your site

Using iPod casting to expand a business is relatively new but it is fast becoming a popular method to reach a wider audience. Just imagine the possibilities of using audio files to persuade, intrigue, entertain and attract potential traffic.

Not only that, since people can choose their preferred categories, you get to promote your business or website to a targeted audience. They’re ready to listen to you because they’re already interested in what you have to offer. So if you’re promoting a consultancy business dealing with home-based ventures, there’s no need to waste your time trying to market to people who want to know more about travel, fashion or antiques.

iPod casting is actually quite easy, provided you know how to use it to your advantage. Learn more about how to take advantage of iPod casting to promote your website through The Barking Video’s ‘iPod Casting’, the 8th in this particular series. Find out how you, too, can enjoy the benefits of iPod casting and easily send traffic to your site in no time.

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Best Ways to Purchase Ads on Other Sites

Advertising is one of the oldest ways to promote products or services through the years. Advertising has been done through different mediums such as print ads, magazines and televisions.

Technology has changed the way advertising is done. Now the most effective way to advertise is to place them on popular websites.

Internet based advertisements really made a boom to every business. May it be a car business, pesticides, shirts and many more. Now the question is this, ?How can a business owner place their advertisements online? Simple, to jumpstart their business on the internet they need to purchase online ads.

What are the ways to purchase online ads? Read on to know how it is done.

1. Focus your mind that you need a great deal of financial investment, time and energy.

2. Next find sites where you want to purchase online ads. To start negotiating with most sites, you need to know their official rates. Make sure that it is neither a fast rate nor a hard one.

3. Phone around sites you want to put advertisements on. You could actually set the price you want to pay. Tell the sales representatives that you are always ready to pay checks whenever they want to deal business with you depending on your terms.

4. Know your target audience depending on your product. They could be a homeowner, car enthusiasts or parents. Make a good search where most people spend their time when they are online. Definitely those sites are the best place you want your products to be seen. Find sites where most people became customers.

5. The effectiveness of the ad is very important. When you?re going to purchase them, learn first how good it works. The most common ads are banners. These appear as boxes on the Web pages. But it will still depend on you what kind of ads you want.

6. You need to negotiate your prices. Always choose the price terms that will work out for you.

The following are some of the price structure requirement for some online ads.

Per impression ? You are going to pay a CPM (Cost per thousand) price structure when your banner appears.

Per click through ? You are going to pay every success your ads get.

Per lead ? You are going to pay when somebody gets online registration or they request some of your catalog.

Per sale ? You are going to pay when someone purchase the products you have advertised.

These are some of the payment terms for ads. Anyway you can negotiate your prices since there is actually no ?standard rates?. Rates are always variable depending on your negotiation.

7. Choose the best sites to cover your advertisements. You don?t want your efforts and money to go futile since you?re talking about serious business here.

8. After you have purchase ads, you need to review the results. Make necessary adjustments if needed. Some changes might occur and they might be completed within days. So check if your ads met your standard goals.

Those are some of the guidelines when purchasing advertisements on other sites. Online advertisements should be attractive enough for your main customers.

Online advertisements made a real impact on the businesses. Business enthusiasts should be very careful when choosing the site where they want to advertise their products.

Let your business grow! Online advertisements – a sure fire for your business.

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Article Marking: Drive Traffic to Your Site

A lot of people need content for their site. Many aspiring webmasters wanted to create the perfect website. But not all of them have the skills or the resources to create good articles or purchase one from a respected writer. Quality articles are hard to get by these days. And if webmasters can get them for free, don’t you think they won’t grab the chance?

This is the idea behind article marketing. In article marketing, you make dozens of informative articles about the product, service, or website you’d like to promote. And then you submit them to article directories, whose job is to link content writers with the people who need articles.

The process is simple. You write articles subtly promoting your product, service, or site. You can include anchor texts in the body of the article, if that’s allowed. Then you put your name as its author and include all the important information you’d want to say about you and your products. This part is actually placed at the last part of the article. It’s more like author’s notes. It is also the part you are really writing for. It is where you can put your link for the readers to visit.

Just be aware of the guidelines that article directories set when submitting articles. A lot of them frown on totally promotional articles that don’t talk about anything else relevant. Keep in mind that you can’t directly sell to readers through your articles. You have to impart something important to them, like tips and tricks of a certain concept, how-to’s, and facts about accepted ideas. You can’t directly tell your readers to buy your products. Directories reject those types of articles.

Now the advantages: if a lot of webmasters take interest in your articles and think that what you have written could qualify as perfect content to their site, they’ll use it and upload it accordingly. Part of the deal when it comes to getting free articles from article directories is for interested parties to keep everything intact, including all links and author by-lines. They can’t change or edit anything. If they do, they are infringing the agreement as set by the article submission site.

But that’s not the only thing you get from it. Some article directories enjoy high page ranking. And high page ranks means they get on top of the search engine results for certain keywords. If your article came up number one on a search courtesy of the high page rank of the article directory you have submitted it to, then you’ll definitely reach out to more people. You’ll get the traffic you need fast and easy.

So if you have the skills to write articles, use it to acquire thousands of visitors or page impressions everyday. And if it so happens that you can’t write a phrase, don’t worry. There are a lot of freelance writers over the internet that you can commission to work for you. Most of them are willing to write a short article for a few dollars.

Go for article marketing today. It has been one of the proven ways to drive traffic to your site. If you haven’t tried this concept yet, now is the time to do it. Don’t waste any more time. Write those articles soon!

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